How it works

  • Customer app Interface
  • Butcher Interface
  • Retailer Interface

Customers can get to know their meat through the online meat shop and make informed purchases. The App provides information about the meat shops nearby the customers and they can make an online purchase by logging in with their own credentials. A wide selection of products is available in the application like (Beef, Mutton, Camel, Chicken, Fish or any other meats). Customer can select their preferred choice of their meat. For eg: If it is Beef meat, the App shows nearby Beef shops, Customer can again select any one of the Beef shop and can see whole range of Beefs in the shop like (Indian Beef , Australian Beef etc.) and also a list of other products in the shop like (Mutton, Camel etc.). The customer can finally select any of his desired products and make an online order.

  • Customer can select their preferred location.
  • Easy, simple login and registration
  • Simple Interface shows whole range of main products.
  • Salma App locates the butcher shop nearby to your location.
  • Can select customers preferred butcher shop from the list of butcher shops from the chosen location.
  • Wide range of meat products displayed from selected butcher shop
  • Detailed information of the product like Rates, Description, Discounts and Delivery status can be seen.
  • Multiple products from different butchers can be added at a time
  • Can add instruction - about how they want the product to be delivered.
  • Home delivery services provided
  • Customer can book the product and collect it from the shop
  • Cash on delivery and online payment options
  • Add shops to their favourite list
  • Previous purchase history

The Mobile App provides interfaces to butchers where they can login with their detail information like Name, Address, Shop name and their current location. Through this butcher shops can receive orders placed by customers & deliver it as per the customer’s request. Accordingly butchers can Manage and set the Menu details of their butcher shops on a daily basis. Additionally, the application helps the butchers to browse the list of wholesalers worldwide and purchase Meats.

  • Send enquiry to register an online Butcher shop
  • Can add their current location with detailed information
  • Salma app team will get back to collect the detail information and explain the process
  • Butcher shops can add their list of products
  • Customise their daily menu
  • Customise their menu with the Image of the product, capture the picture, browse or set a default image
  • Customise rate, description , delivery and discounts
  • Notification is received if any new order placed by the customer nearby
  • Butcher can see their detail orders , Product, Quantity, address, location and instruction
  • Butchers can accept the order and it notifies the customer
  • Can see previous accepted orders
  • Butcher can purchase the meats for their shop from wholesale market
  • Select the wholesale dealers
  • Choose their product and send an order enquiry

This is the platform where the customer can make a bulk order. The types of customers are (Restaurants, Catering companies, Retail shops etc.). The application has lists of frozen meats and fresh meats like Beef, Mutton, Camel, Chicken, Fish or any other meats). The customer can select their desired product which will be viewed by the wholesaler who is selling these products. The customer can select any one product of their choice and make an order with specific bulk quantity.

International seller

The retailer also can see the international meat sellers or Global sellers in the market who have registered with Salma, send an enquiry, request to know their services and select them as a preferred wholesale vendor.

  • Send enquiry to register as retail customers
  • Salma app team will get back to collect the detail information and explain the process
  • List of retailers are, Restaurant, Catering companies and Retail shops
  • Simple home page shows the list of categories of product Fresh meat and Frozen meats
  • Selection of any categories like ( fresh or frozen) shows the list of wholesalers
  • Retailer can select wholesaler and choose their product with quantity and send an enquiry
  • Retailer can receive promotional offers
  • Retailer can check the international sellers and send them an enquiry
  • Retailers can send a feedback